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Todo/check list for a new jekyll blog

18 Jul 2013

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A check list for a new jekyll blog, decently responsive and well integrated with google, facebook and twitter.


In order to refresh my web standart knowledge, I decided to open this blog a few weeks ago. I won’t write another howto create a jekyll blog, nor I will enter in the details of adding a facebook +1 button.

I will just list you all the tasks I had to complete in order to show you the current article, it was quite time consuming for me (I usually work on backends and I’m really not a front-end design person).

Anyway, I learn a lot constructing this and wanted to share with you this todo list. Most of the tasks are not jekyll-centric and can be done for another blogging plateform.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you like it or if you think I miss something.

I hope this will help you !

Things to (eventually) do

Google recommandations

A quick summary of google search engine optimization guide

Things I have done

Going social

Obey the rules

A bit of seo

Test site responsivness

Other things

Things I haven’t done

When everything is ok

Todo when you are ready to show the world your hard work.

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