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Synchronise Lychee with owncloud (or any directory)

06 Oct 2013

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Howto synchronize Lychee and owncloud, dropbox or any directory


On one side there’s Lychee.

Lychee is a marvelous self hosted photo management application. It’s very good looking, responsive design enabled and has avery feature you wan’t to simply share your private photos. No ad, no I need a [facebook, twitter, google, whatever] account to see the photos. Just perfect to share photos with your friends and family with no bullshit.

If you don’t know this project just check it out !

On the other side, there’s Owncloud.

Owncloud is a fantastic self hosted dropbox replacement and is begining to be well known in the FOSS community. But, there’s a problem with this app. The web client Photo management is broken. The web client is far more too complex for my grand mother. Too see a photo, have a slideshow and download a full album you have to use 2 differents apps and go through a whole file tree which is not grand mother compliant.

So …

I needed to offer my family and friends a great photo browsing experience. Owncloud photo management has not passed the grandma test but lychee has brilliantly. I don’t wan’t the hassle to FTP photos on a server, the owncloud way of doing it, drag and drop in a local folder, is just perfect.

So I wrote lycheesync, a little python program that you can schedule everyday and that enslave lychee with a directory content. It works fine with owncloud (owncloud photos are stored in a directory) and can work with any directory you can access from your lychee server (dropbox, mega, skydrive, whatever…)

I hope you will enjoy it !

I do ;)

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